The Summerville Alcohol Board met on Monday evening at Summerville City Hall to discuss potential reprecussions for recent incidents at Hops n Haze.

The Summerville Police have responded multiple times recently and the latest disturbance on February 11th led to the arrest of several out of town patrons on a variety of charges, including arrests for meth possession, public drunkenness and underage consumption of alcohol.

Hops n Haze had hosted a comedy show earlier in the evening of the 11th at the Dandee Denson Auditorium, selling over 290 tickets for the show. After the show, a lot of the crowd walked across the street to Hops n Haze. “We could have done a better job planning for the size crowd we had,” said owner Jeremy Kwaterski.

The Board fined Hops n Haze $750 and issued an one week suspension of their alcohol license. Also a new security action plan will be implemented with stipulations the establishment must follow for future events.

Hops n Haze is Summerville’s first experience at a downtown nightlife. Summerville citizens seem to have adjusted to restaurants with alcohol sales, but the live music, comedy and late hours have drawn outsiders that have tested the rules and boundaries as local businesses and officials learn where to draw the line.


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