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AFL-CIO Says Ad Investment Marks “Historic” Initiative in Communities of Color

GOTV Radio Ad Airing on African American and Spanish-Language Radio The AFL-CIO this week launched a massive get-out-the-vote campaign, airing ads on African American and...

WATCH: Governor Deal Throws Support Behind Kemp in Latest Ad

Georgia's top leader for the last eight years is throwing his support behind Republican candidate for Governor Brian Kemp in hopes that Kemp will...

Kemp Resigns as Secretary of State, Interim Office Holder to Be Appointed

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, and presumed Governor-elect, has annoounced that he is stepping down as Secretary of State. Kemp made the announcement alongside Governor...

“Voter Roll Purging”: It was a Democrat-Backed Initiative from 2 Decades Ago

The General Election from November 6th is officially over, but concerns over voter roll purging and claims of wrongful disposition from the rolls due...

Watch: Abrams says she will run again, but for what office?

'Yes, I'm going to run again,' says the former Democratic Candidate for GA Governor

New Laws Now in Effect in Georgia

With the new year comes new laws that were passed by the Georgia legislature last year and have now taken effect. The majority of...

Lawmaker Proposes Halting Purges of Georgia Voter Rolls

In response to the lawsuits and allegations stemming from the 2018 General Election in Georgia, the state would have to change how it updates its voter rolls if a new iniative passes through the General Assembly.

Gov. Kemp Appoints Shawnzia Thomas to Lead Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity

The agency protects individuals in public employment from discrimination based on an individual's race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or age and secures compliance with federal and state fair housing laws.

Breakdown: Georgia’s Casino Proposal Has No Specifics

There's no enabling legislation for the casino measure, so if voters approve it, the legislature will go back and decide how to license, regulate, and tax it.

Kemp Appoints David Curry State Revenue Commissioner

At the Department of Revenue, Curry will succeed Lynne Riley, who was recently appointed by Kemp to serve as State Treasurer.