24 Georgia Students Nominated By Senator Perdue Will Attend U.S. Service Academies

24 Georgia Students Nominated By Senator Perdue Will Attend U.S. Service Academies

GA Sec. of State Trying to Combat Voter Purge Narrative

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is trying to combat a voter purge and change of address narrative ahead of the issuance of change of address notices.

Senator David Perdue: Bullish On Economy, Bearish On National Debt

“We have got plenty of assets to deal with this debt crisis, but we’ve got to stand up and face it.”

Georgia Attorney General Wants Automatic Student Loan Discharge of Disabled Vets

Georgia's chief lawyer is lobbying for the student loans of disabled veterans to be automatically discharged and for collection efforts on those in default to halt immediately.

GA Woman Appointed as Regional Administrator for EPA

She started her career working in the Georgia Governor's Office of Planning and Budget and has served in various roles in Georgia state government. 

Isakson & Perdue Both Back Anti-Robocall Legislation

Georgia's U.S. Senators voted in favor of bipartisan legislation to combat illegal robocalls on Thursday.

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Charged in 18-Count Superseding Indictment

Charges Related to Illegally Obtaining, Receiving and Disclosing Classified Information

Former Georgia County Commissioner Indicted on Extortion and Bribery Charges

Sharon Barnes Sutton, 59, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, was arraigned on an indictment that charges her with two counts of extortion and one count of federal program bribery

Governor Kemp Names 15 Appointments

Kemp named fifteen (15) appointments to five (5) boards and commissions, including the Georgia Department of Economic Development Board of Directors, Board of Community Affairs, State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia, Georgia Student Finance Commission Board of Commissioners, and Georgia Composite Medical Board.

Senator David Perdue: The Budget Law Is A Disaster

“The Budget Act of 1974 was never going to work, and it’s taken 45 years for Congress to try to fix it.”