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GOP Lawmakers Want to Mandate Opioid Addicition Treatment in Insurance

A handful of state lawmakers want to require insurance companies to pay for opioid addiction treatment. State Representative Karen Mathiak, the lead sponsor of the...

Delta courted by states amid Georgia tax break threat

The Georgia Legislature looks to block a $40 million-dollar tax break amid Delta's announcement about the airline's decision to no longer honor discounts for...

Trump Signs Major Defense Bill Into Law with Priorities for Georgia

"I am very pleased that Congress is backing up President Trump’s commitment to rebuild our military.” Georgia's junior U.S. Senator David Perdue said Monday.

Stacey Abrams Campaign Launches First TV Ad of Primary Election

The Stacey Abrams for Governor campaign has released its first TV ad buy of the primary election. "Boundless Belief" began running on televisions Monday morning. “I...

Hidden Predator bill limps out of Senate committee

Sexual predator bill gets major changes

Out-of-District Money, Elected Officials Push to Influence Legislative Races Across Georgia

It's an age old political question that comes about every time election season arrives: Should people outside of a district try to meddle in elections to influence how people vote?

Ga Democrats Release Ad Attributing RGA Ad to Kemp Campaign, Refute ‘Taxes Owed’ Claims

The ad shows an image of an ad run by and paid for by the Republican Governor's Association, which can be seen in the 'paid for by' disclaimer, but claims in the voiceover that her "opponent", referring to Kemp, is running an attack ad on her. 

GA Chamber expands political power: looks to protect tax credits for entertainment industry

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce looks to grow their power by adding the Georgia film industry as an ally to protecting large corporate tax credits.

Abrams Email: “I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford”

Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams is telling her campaign supporters and potential voters that she believes Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Weighing in on the...

Georgia’s Congressman Carter helps ban pharmacist ‘gag orders’ on drug prices

No More Secrets: Congress Bans Pharmacist ‘Gag Orders’ On Drug Prices