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Abrams-backed Fair Fight Action Lawsuit Submits Over 200 Declarations from Voters Who Faced Obstacles...

Group says Declarations Highlight Undue Burden on Voters When Casting Ballots in 2018

Senators Sound Alarm On $22 Trillion Debt Crisis

“The single greatest threat to our national security is our national debt.”

VIDEO: Gov Deal meets with President Trump, other governors on criminal justice reform

“Smart on crime is not the same as soft on crime, which our results bear out,” said Deal.

Lawmaker proposes doctors provide more details on mammograms for some women

A bill proposed in the State House would require doctors to provide a statement to patients with dense breast tissue after mammograms. 

WATCH: Brian Kemp drops latest TV Ad ‘So Conservative’

Georgia Secretary of State and Republican candidate for Governor Brian Kemp has dropped a new television commercial. It's the first since his campaign ad...

“Adhere to Child Support Enforcement to Receive SNAP Benefits,” GA Lawmakers Propose

Under a new bill filed Tuesday, Georgians wishing to receive federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits would have to be in compliance with the standards set forth by child support enforcement programs.

US Dept. of State Issues Additional Payments Under Holocaust Deportation Claims Program

The program was established in connection with the U.S.-France Agreement on Compensation for Certain Victims of Holocaust-Related Deportation from France Who Are Not Covered by French Program.

Sen. Perdue acts to relieve regulatory burdens on farmers, business owners

Perdue looks to act on regulatory reform for farmers and businesses.

Bill would end Georgia gun carry permits, called ‘Constitutional Carry’

A Georgia State Representative profiles a bill that would eliminate in-state carry permits

LG Runoff Race: Dark Money from Federal Swamp Spreading Lies About David Shafer

For about the last two weeks, not a day went by that I didn't get some postcard mailer slamming my friend David Shafer regarding some fabricated garbage.  The mailers were disclosed to have been paid for by an independent committee called "Hometown Freedom Action Network," registered in Georgia.