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Reid named Coach of the Year

Rome High School Head Coach John Reid named Coach of the Year

Column: Mr. TV Classics talks with Betty White on her birthday

I first interviewed Betty White in 2001 when I was doing a daily online site called  That opportunity opened the door for me to...

Bi-partisan SAFE Commission Votes to Approve Elections Recommendations

 By an overwhelming majority, members of the bi-partisan Secure Accessible Fair Elections (SAFE) Commission have approved a series of recommendations to update and improve...


Labor Commissioner: Georgia posts record-setting year in 2018

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said Friday that 2018 was another banner year for Georgia with increases in jobs, work force and employed residents.

GDOL Refutes Claims from ABC Nightly News

"The national story that aired on ABC Nightly News on Jan. 16 does not reflect the state of Georgia’s handling of unemployment insurance claims for furloughed federal workers. "

Gymboree Stores Closing in Georgia, 900 Nationwide

900 Gymboree clothing stores are set to close across the nation and a number of them are in Georgia. The news came this week after...